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Department of English Language and Literature


Shandong University established its Department of Foreign Language and Literature in 1926. Renowned scholars such as Liang Shiqiu and Hong Shen worked as chair of the Department respectively in its early years and a number of professors distinguished in great academic achievements taught in the department. After 1949, celebrated professors such as Wu Fuheng, Huang Jiade, Zhang Jian, Lu Fan, and Sam Ginsbourg worked here for decades. Their work in teaching and research laid a solid foundation for the further development of the Department.

The Department is now entitled to offer BA, MA and Ph.D. programs. Back in 1978, the Department was authorized to initiate an MA degree program. In 1996, the Department’s English Language and Literature program was appraised as a Major Program of Shandong Province. In 1998, the English language program was designated as a Major Program of the University after Shandong University was admitted into the state 211 Project. In 2000, the Department was entitled to start a Doctoral Degree Program. In 2001, the English Language and Literature undergraduate program was designated as a Provincial Key Program for Enhanced Development. In 2002, the same program was rated as a Brand Program of Shandong University. In 2006, itsundergraduate program ranked Level A in the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation by the Ministry of Education. In 2007, the Department was authorized for the Post-doctoral research station. In 2008, the undergraduate program was rated as a National Conspicuous Program. In the same year the undergraduate program was honored as a Brand Program of Shandong Province.  

The undergraduate program aims to cultivate qualified personnel with creative and application-oriented capacities. It stresses quality education and offers students training in knowledge acquisition and application, and the ability to make analysis independently. It introduces students to linguistics, literature and culture of the English-speaking countries and to the basic knowledge of other related humanities and social sciences as well as to the basic skills of language learning. In addition, the students are expected to obtain a practical knowledge of a second foreign language and the basics of research work such as documentation. With these knowledge and skills students are expected to have the competence to meet the demands of work in such fields as diplomacy, foreign trade, tourism, journalism, and English language teaching and research.

The undergraduate curriculum includesEnglish Intensive Reading, Advanced English, English Listening, Oral English, English Phonetics, English Grammar, English Writing, English Extensive Reading, Translation, Advanced Interpreting, English Linguistics, British Literature, American Literature, English Stylistics, Cultures of English-speaking Countries, and Thesis Writing.  

Research areas of the MA program cover Second Language Acquisition Theory and Language Teaching, Theoretical Linguistics, Translation Theory and Practice, and British and American Literature. After graduation,some graduates work as teachers in universities and colleges; some have found employment in state organizations, research institutions, foreign affairs agencies, medias, foreign trade companies;and some continue to pursue a doctorate or go abroad for further study. The Ph.D. graduates work mainly in universities and colleges, who play an important role in teaching and research and have outstanding performance in their work.

Along with a balanced development of all academic endeavors, the Department stands out in the studies of British and American literature. In the early 1960s, Professor Wu Fuheng established the Modern American Literature Institute in the Department, China’s first institution devoted solely to the study of American Literature. Professor Guo Jide, the incumbent director of the Institute, is also vice-president of China Association for the Study of American Literature. The Department has a sound compliment of faculty members. It currently has an ideal age structure of faculty with 5 doctoral supervisors, 1 part-time doctoral supervisor, and 11 professors. Researches in the program cover such areas as English Literature, English Linguistics and English Language Teaching, and Translation Studies.

The Department has always been giving priority to language teaching and consequently great achievements in teaching have been made. Professor Zhuang Zhiwei has won the title of “National Outstanding Teacher”, Professor Wang Junju has been awarded the titles of “Shandong Province Teaching Master” and “Shandong University Teaching Master”respectively, and three other teachers have won the title of “Shandong University Young Teaching Master-hand”. The program has produced a large population of competent talents for the society, who have taken positions in government bodies, colleges and universities, and research institutions.  

With the fine legacy of the past generations, the faculty members in the Department are working with unremitting efforts for further development in English language teaching and researches.


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