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Department of French Language and Literature


The Department of French Language and Literature was established in 1994 and began to enroll students in the same year. The undergraduate program of the Department aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with solid linguistic foundation, proficient language skills, extensive knowledge of a wide range of
topics, strong creative and practical abilities, and excellent cultural literacy. The graduates from the Department have the competence to undertake jobs of teaching, research, translation, and management in such fields as diplomacy, trade and economy, culture, scientific research, education and tourism. 

Students in the program are required to have a good mastery of the fundamental knowledge and theory of the French language, solid skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation, a good understanding of French language, literature, culture, economy and trade, as well as a rich knowledge of the society and culture of French-speaking countries. In the meantime, the students are trained to acquire strong capabilities for cross-cultural communication, creativity and application-oriented practice and basic scientific research. 

The Department now has 9 faculty members, together with a native speaker teacher of French. Research in this program covers such areas as French Literature, French Linguistics, French Language Pedagogy, Translation Studies, and French Culture. The faculty of the Department have the duty to teach French majors, students in double-degree programs, English majors who take French as a second foreign language, and other students in the University who learn French as an optional course.  

The main courses in the undergraduate program include French Intensive Reading, Audio-Visual French, Oral French, Advanced French, Advanced Audio-Visual-Oral French, French Writing, French Translation, French Interpretation, The History of French Literature, French Extensive Reading, French Lexicology, Practical Writing, French Systemic Grammar, and A General Introduction to France. 

The Department has been in good cooperative and exchange relations with universities in western France. After having had cooperation with University of Angers for many years, the Department since 2004 has successively established good cooperative relations with Université Rennes 2 - Haute Bretagne, Université Catholique de l'Ouest and Universite de Liege of Belgium. Students of both sides are sent to study on exchange programs. In 2007, the Bretagne District of France donated a series of French original books to the Department and set up a French Language Resources Center in the School of Foreign Languages and Literature at Shandong University. Every year, the department sends students to study as exchange students for an academic year in such famous universities as Wuhan University, Xiamen University, East China Normal University.

Students in this Department have strong desire for knowledge, conduct lively classroom activities, and enjoy colorful campus life. For example, the Department has sustained the activities of “French Movie Weekend Club”, “French Corner”, and “At the Foreign Teachers’ Home”. It also organizes cultural activities like French stage play, debate in French, recitation contest, translation and interpretation contest, and singing contest.

Following the advancing steps of Shandong University and the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, the faculty members of the Department are energetically striding towards the future and working with unremitting efforts for further development in French language teaching and researches.


Contact information:

Department of French Language and Literature

School of Foreign Languages and Literature

Shandong University

Address: No.5 Hongjialou, Jinan, Shandong, P. R. China 

Postcode: 250100

Tel: +86(531)88375229

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